Passionate Teachers Can Create Great Orators……..out of Everyone

With the COVID19 pandemic across the globe, the entire world of education has experienced a huge paradigm shift. Desks and benches have taken the form of a grid in gallery view and classrooms have reduced to thumbnails.

“Excuse me, sir. May I ask a question?” has changed to “Raise Hand” button in the “participants” icon.

“Yes, my dear” to “Unmute”, and

“Students, keep silence” to “Please, mute yourselves all of you”.

Since not very long ago had we been experimenting ‘student centred’ teaching-learning model switching from the traditional ‘teacher centred’ lecturing when suddenly everything turned topsy-turvy making the system predominantly teacher centred again wherein the students need to be muted and personal chats, disabled.

Nevertheless, this outbreak must have its end. The world will move again and all the activities would be revived. This sitting in the comfort zone and watching teachers deliver lectures, and having no activities except a few theory based assignments to perform will change for sure.

Once again, there will be morning assemblies, elocution competitions, debate competitions, events and mega events. Once again there will be performers, talented hosts, superb anchors, etc. Once again there will be presentations, seminars, etc.  A few will be outperforming. Those few will be praised highly, rewarded, awarded so on and so forth.

What about those students who are not confident of facing audience? What about those who never dared to give a small speech? What about those who never dared to stand in their own places to answer a random question asked by a teacher in their own class? Do they not need to be motivated? Do they not need to be trained?

Now, two questions come in our mind –

  1. Is it necessary for every student to be a good orator with the confidence to address hundreds of listeners in the audience with no or least stage fear?
    • “Yes.”  
  2. Is it possible for almost every student to be a good orator who speaks fluently with a natural flow of thoughts and poise in his voice and confidence in his body language?
    • “Yes.”

School is not the end. It’s the beginning. In fact each child must be and can be moulded and trained to become a great orator to host meetings, seminars, conferences in their future employments, confidently; to deliver motivational speeches in front of a crowd; to become an influencer. It is possible. Greatly depends on teachers, and majorly on language teachers. I will tell you how.

In my first school as a teacher, for all events, the event in-charge would allocate duties of every part of the programme to different teachers that the preparation may be smooth along with the academics and delivery may be impeccable. All teachers would start their rush to arrest confident, fluent and enthusiastic speakers from various classes and start helping them with script, dialogue delivery, costume planning, etc. I would be lazy and “plenty of time” kind of procrastinator.  A fellow teacher was kind enough to say, “Kanchan ma’am, all good students will have been selected by teachers if you delay in finalising boys and girls. Consequently, you will not get good students for your part of compèring then.”

Why do we want good students only? And, what is meant by good students?

I was new and didn’t wish to sound overconfident, hence I expressed my gratitude to her for reminding me. But, in reality, I did not want to choose enthusiastic and confident anchors. I did not want to choose the students who got opportunities frequently. I knew, who I selected was not going to determine how brilliant and laudable the programme would be, but my training. Yet, there was a little anxiety as I was new and under scrutiny, of course.

I went to different classes of grades VII – IX and chose a few students who had never participated in any speaking/anchoring acts except a few very small scripted assembly conduction parts. I trained them in a couple of days; everything from motivating them to participate to removing their stage fear, from showing how absolutely normal this task of speaking in front of two thousand people was to giving them the right script, from taking the practice of the right intonation to taking the practice of confidence and happiness in their voice, and the practice of ‘naturalness’ in their presentation; everything in a couple of days.

I had already got my reward. I was gaining ‘happiness’ in my students who were not all my students, actually as I didn’t teach in their sections. My students were raising above their zones of hesitation and discomfort.

There was a spark in the eyes of the principal while she saw them add an element of information in their speech from what they had seen in a couple of performances of music and dance prior to their part of compèring ,  with an  unimaginable confidence in front of around two thousand students, about a hundred teachers and eminent guests. There was a spark in my students’ eyes when they suppressed their happiness while telling me that the principal enquired with them about who had trained them. Tears in the eyes of my boys and girls spoke of their first romance with their own capabilities. And, I got another reward in the form of a hug.

Throughout my courtship with the school, these students of mine and others whom I selected and motivated for facing large audiences in the further course of events touched my feet whenever and wherever they saw me.

My dear friends, these students were able to show trust in me for two reasons –

1. I was passionate about their participation and helping them gain the confidence.

2. I could convince them it was super exciting but super easy job to speak in front of a crowd.

Why I believe every student can become a confident orator comes shortly. Keep reading.

Get Your Children Vaccinated This Year! – Musings of a Teacher

Two of my colleagues and I were enjoying our tea while we sat around a centre table in the staff room completing our work. The tea was hot and steaming and the Math teacher was adding the flavours of humour to the light conversation as well. Hardly had I swallowed the first sip from my tea when our Physics teacher entered and banged the books on the table exclaiming, “How disgusting! How could we tolerate them! And, why should we, after all? ”

“What happened, ma’am?” with all the possible elements of complete ‘abcde’ ……….Agreeability, Benevolence, Compassion, Delicacy and most importantly; Empathy that she could dissolve in her voice, my fellow teacher asked. Shocked at the scene of otherwise a jocund and quite expressively articulate teacher with a good command over the class being so agitated and annoyed, I somehow tried to gulp down the tea that had already made its way through my mouth. Still, it could not coordinate with the eyes that exclaimed.

And this teacher went on to say further,

“This is the height of the audacity a teacher can ever tolerate. I know they are not at all respectful towards teachers, but they must still remember they are not at their homes. They just do not possess the right to give orders to teachers. They are not authorized to give verdicts and moreover, argue with or shout in front of teachers.”

And, the staff room bustled with somewhat grave discussion on how because of a very few students who behave recklessly, not only the teachers but the entire class suffers. The other teacher added, “The way they talk to the teachers who teach very sincerely and are always there to solve any problem the students are confronted with and also with whom they have shared laughter, their stories, anecdotes the previous day is shocking. How can the students be so manipulative?”

“But, actually they are,” said the Physics teacher.

Yes, in one lecture, they clap for our impressive way of teaching, in another; they praise our earrings or dress, defying our seriousness and taking advantage of our friendliness, and smartly try to persuade us to give them a free period or bring in an interesting game for them. This is absolutely normal. We, sometimes, agree. In some other lecture, if we gently rebuke them for either the non completion of assignments or their misbehavior in class, they talk rudely, give an outrageous remark. Isn’t this shocking? These are the students of twenty first century. These are the students of grade nine onward mostly. Not all students, but only a few, of course. There are still many who love and enjoy studying and respect teachers. However, a handful of students in some classes make the entire atmosphere of learning difficult. If teachers ignore them, their development will stop which a responsible teacher with good moral values would not do. If they are paid any heed, they kill everyone’s time but have no regrets. Answering back has become a common phenomenon.

Initially, we did try to attribute all this to maybe our undiscovered lack of class control, lack of interest arousing capability, lack of command over the subject, lack of our ability to be perfect ………all possible introspection or regrets. But, when we learnt these students did not fear even the very experienced teachers, nor did the warnings of highest authorities on the premises worked, we realized ………..

It was due to ‘the lack of attention’ or ‘extra pampering’ they got at their homes.

It was due to the knowledge they had of the teachers’ authority nowadays, that they can’t punish students.

It was due to the knowledge they had about the management’s leniency towards them these days.

Continuing with our discussion further with our Math teacher when he had added his input of instances, I said, “Sir, I have given my parents a clear instruction that if my daughter, who spends with them more time than with me, ever shouts or back answers or reflects any audacious, repulsive behavior then they should just turn to her and give a tight slap even when she is just a kid of seven or eight. I have told them – Go away from her then, hide in a room and cry your heart out for having beaten a cute, little, delicate child. But please have a heart to take this bold step. Because you may repent having hurt a child, the tiny heart of your own blood, but this one slap will be a reprimanding for life. I agree you have never slapped us in our life. I understand hurting a child is not agreeable at all, but when I see bad behavior out in the atmosphere, I find that more remorseful. A child may not be able to distinguish between good and bad manners and if they do not understand even after verbal reproach, a slap may do worth much.”

And, he replied instantly, “That’s the vaccine ma’am. Do we parents not feel the pain when a day old baby has to be given an injection of vaccine? Yet, it has to be given for prevention of diseases, for prevention of any hazards in the future. That’s why the birth-givers bear this pain smilingly. Rebuking, punishing are all very important vaccines.”

“Exactly! ” I exclaimed.

My dear parents! Get your children vaccinated this year!!

In this pandemic, you may be taking proper precautions and care for your family. Therefore, you may not have to worry much. This will subside. Covid19 has come and will go. However, schools shall open. Students shall have to go to school again. Therefore, it’s time you and we sat with our children and imparted to them some values of ‘respecting’. It’s time we took advantage of the time we are getting with our children try to find out how and why so skillfully they manipulate everyone, why they trouble teachers and brew different stories for parents, complain about teachers. Try to impart to them lessons about valuing teachers, behaving well and not giving rude, reckless replies. This will be their vaccination.

Find some time to realize that while the teaching methods have evolved from traditional to student centred and teachers have been becoming more and more respectful and amicable towards students, the students have evolved to be extra courageous and extra rude. If a teacher is a little shaky in class control, they’ll not leave any chance of spoiling her/his entire lecture as if the teacher was to get any illegal treasure if they allowed her/him deliver the lecture smoothly and the whole responsibility of prevention was on their shoulders. If a teacher is jolly, confident and innovative, they’ll take advantage of her/his empathetic nature, unconsciously inviting the management’s question marks on her/his class control. If a teacher doesn’t allow anyone take advantage of kindness, they’ll plan small conspiracies that turn out to be big issues when it comes to classroom decorum and moral of other students. I say even if a teacher is new or less confident, why should students forget to behave?

One particular year, we experienced this most that even the most talented and otherwise well respected teachers seasoned with class handling tricks were saying, “This noble job is giving us high blood pressure problems, wrinkles, etc.” And, believe me, these were the situations in very prestigious schools equipped with all technology of adding stimulus variation into teaching methods.

I don’t say you scold or be angry with your children. As an educator, I would never advice that. But, sit with them. Try to find out. Try to give them a ‘dose’ of discipline. I have been experimenting with behaviour of children, their inclinations, their hesitations and their lack of confidence and have achieved happy and well behaved children, have been successful in transforming them into confident and enthusiastic learners with love and compassion. However, at certain point of time, we feel parents’ intervention does have a role in making them realise what is good for them and that teachers strive for their good. so, I appeal…..

Dear parents – “Get your children vaccinated, this year.”

Admiration and Respect at Work, Job Satisfaction – All Can Be Yours

About eight years ago, I withdrew my participation from a pageant for which I had dared to enroll myself respecting a few friends’ encouragement and realizing it would be a contest of not only facial but also cerebral beauty. It was for the first and last time in my life that I had been extra courageous to think of such an event which was a part of a week long celebration of the Air Force Day when my husband was posted in Assam and I was on a maternity break. The event was being held at the station theatre, all the viewers comprising only wives of the Air Force staff and the lady officers had seated in the hall and the buzz in the green room was suddenly trying to hush when the chief guest, madam AOC, the wife of the Air Officer Commanding and the president of AFWWA escorted by the officials, exclaimed gleefully stopping at me, “Hey! Kanchan. It’s so nice to see you here. But, I was much willing to see you on the stage. Why are you here? Why aren’t you participating?”

A little embarrassed at the highest ranked officer’s stopping and talking to me in a hall filled with audience that too only at the second meeting, I said I was not much prepared or just wished to enjoy the programme. I really wasn’t confident of winning and I didn’t wish to lose. Madam AOC was so impressed with my delivery of speech in the debate competition and my quirky rangoli that had won the first prize the previous day that she was very confident of my chances of winning this pageant had I participated. This is what I heard from a few acquaintances there with whom and her as well it was scarcely the second meeting of mine on that day.

Later, she again came to talk to me at lunch which followed the contest and said, “You must have participated, Kanchan. There were wonderful gifts. Nevertheless, I wonder what you would have said to the audience if you had won this event. Just say it here.”, and there she handed me the mike the very next moment. Nothing could have been more rewarding for me than an honourable person saying this. Puzzled and embarrassed again, I said,

“Standing here at an elevation of around five feet from you all and wearing this sash, I can clearly feel what many of you might not be able to. It’s the feeling that I must share with you all, today. That, if I can reach here, if I can grab this, believe me my dear ladies, each one of us has the capability of achieving it. If I can become Ms IAF today, each one of us can easily become this.”

This has been a simple criterion for me to judge my own calibre as well as motivate my friends. If any of my colleagues or friends praises me for something and the next moment says she or he cannot do it. My reply the very next moment is,

“If I can do this, you also can do this.”

And, the other criterion I set for myself is,

“If I can do this, I can do that as well.”

I would want my readers to have this idea reinforced in their minds that if someone in your office can have a recognition and significant position, you can definitely achieve that. Therefore, be content with what you have achieved but don’t settle for it. Dream for better. Aspire for the highest possible. And, much is possible.

Don’t Just Be a Cog in the Wheel

Everyone dreams of working in a large organisation, but no one wishes to be just a cog in the wheel. To be liked, respected and admired not only by colleagues but by the bosses is a much desired fruit for everyone. You get the awe of working in a big company, drawing handsome salary, enjoying privileges, relishing the ambience of the place, and having intelligent, dynamic people to surround you and enjoy everything from working together to learning and exploring and from having workplace gossips to sharing happy hours, however; if you don’t get any recognition as an individual you probably may not be tasting the most desired fruit called as ‘job satisfaction’.

Determine if you are in the right organisation. If no, make a bold decision to change it. And, if yes, stop, think and change the situation.

To make the solution simple, let us make the problem simple. Your problems are –

If you feel awkward when reached first for a meeting called by the director in his office rather than feeling at ease and starting a casual talk;

if you feel embarrassed when accidentally stuck in the elevator with one of the most senior executives of your company; for example, the vice president or the general manager and cannot start a general conversation very comfortably; maybe regarding an ongoing project or about the day’s weather or just ask his or her well-being,

or more practically; if you keep hesitating before taking an appointment to straightaway go to the highest authority at the premises in order to talk about your personal concerns or some hiccups regarding a particular decision of the management about your work profile or increments, promotions offered to you and not much appreciated by you

then you have not gained the required confidence a valued and respected employee should possess.

Or, if not all these, then, whenever you meet your bosses for some work related discussions, your talk is over in two or three minutes and there is no smile you receive or least positivity that you experience. On the other hand, if someone else goes, he or she is entertained for even twenty or thirty minutes. Isn’t this strange?

Even more annoying than this is when for exactly the same output you have given in a particular assignment, someone is applauded in a meeting and there is no slightest mention of you anywhere.

Even if one tries to remain neutral and unaffected in such situations, one is hurt inside and this has effects in further performances. Maybe because you have underperformed somewhere or have been unable to earn for yourself the recognition you ought to get, in spite of working with dedication . This drains you of your confidence of freely wandering in the office and cheerfully talking to everyone and anyone.

Carving Out A Niche – Not So Easy Difficult

Believe me, it is possible for every individual to gain this respect and confidence however badly you have ruined your chances of doing so. It is quite possible to become an apple of the boss’ eye. To help you get rid of the incredulous looks imprinted in your frowns, I will narrate to you a story of a 28 year old woman, Rakhi (name changed) working in a multinational company in Bangalore some four years ago.

Rakhi had been working in the company for about eleven months then. She had got through the selection process quite well, and started work with a bang, pleased the employer with her work initially though even before she could establish herself well at the office, a fellow worker of hers poisoned the immediate boss’ ears against her. It was a disastrous fate that had embraced her.

Day in and day out, Rakhi worked with great sincerity but all in vain. Her work would go to this lady boss and to the boss’ bosses through various project managers during different projects. Though a micromanager kind of a boss, never did she take any interest in talking to her over any of her projects, nor did the other superiors. Moreover, though a commander kind of a boss, on her rounds during the work hours she would have a few, occasional, light, casual banters with her favourite ones and just a couple of enquiry dialogues with others but if there was anything between Rakhi and this boss then it was indifference. This was tormenting the ambitious girl. Because, she had been the best at liaisoning with different departments and had earned the image of an amicable person among all others and she loved her work and the workplace very much. Nevertheless, being belligerent with the boss was an indigestible idea for her. Had it been anything other than ‘indifference’, it would have been less painful. However, the boss was least bothered about what she did and whether she reported late on a particular day. This vandalized Rakhi’s peace of mind. She, once, even had made up her mind to consult a psychologist in order to gradually learn how to manipulate the situations and influence the boss, divert her mind and change her psyche to make her happy with herself and her work. Days went by but she could do nothing and this started making her work experience bitter.

Million thanks to her financial constraints that never allowed her to even have one conversation with any psychologist. Rather, it was sheer self motivation and her inner voice that reminded her of her own strengths. She told herself that no psychologist but she herself can turn things around. She, in fact, didn’t want to share the credit of her strategies and smartness with anyone then. She became more and more resolute on moulding the attitude of her boss towards her and dealt with the situation with utter shrewdness, patience and one by one, subtle implementation of the strategies that came to her mind, brought about precipitous changes in the way she was treated. No female charm, no political power, no conspiracies, yet Rakhi walked with the dignity of a most admired and most respected employee of the office thereafter. She could crack jokes in front of the boss, freely frolic in the office and yet have staunch say in the important decisions and could advocate her and the staff’s welfare confidently. Increments and promotions followed her invariably ever since then.

Let Us Know What Strategies Can Help You Gain a Significant Position at Work

1. Be Expert in Your Work

You can carve out a niche for yourself in the organisation. It’s never too late provided you are a masterpiece. There is no alternative to being expert and competent in your work. If you are great at your work, sooner or later you are going to be in the highlight.

2. Get Rid of the Corporate Superstitions

It’s not the talent but the female charm that manoeuvres the progress in career if the boss is a male, the bootlickers have higher chances of growth, etc. are a myth. Beautiful faces, glamorous looks may have their magic spell for few days, may steal a few promising opportunities, not all. Every entrepreneur wants her or his company prosper and therefore can not risk the work. No one can play with the goodwill of the company by compromising on quality of work. So, real talent is respected most.

3. Believe in destroying and Creating Anew

This is my all time favourite strategy which should be experimented with utmost care as we experiment in the chemistry laboratory lest one should have disastrous effects.

Understand one thing that an image can be broken, completely destroyed and an altogether new image can be created. This may sound like a miracle and make you skeptical of its being possible. But, it is possible for those who can dare to change. People don’t remember what you were in the past. In fact the faster you progress, the faster is your older image wiped out. What you demonstrate today carves your professional image. On rarest occasions your colleagues may at the max talk of the shortcomings or failures you had in the past out of keenness or admiration. Nothing more than that.

4. Respect Your Seniors/ Don’t Disparage Their Work

Even if there have been incidents when your superiors were hostile or prejudiced towards you, don’t show any resentment in front of their bosses. If you refrain from belittling them in front of their superiors, you never know you may be in their good books one day.

A golden rule according to the author and leadership speaker, John C Maxwell, “Try to let everybody you encounter today know that you believe they are somebody.”

Praise them for their work in a way showing respect for the dignity of their designation. And, see if you can’t change their attitude. However, do not hurry. Do not sound fake.

5. Be Humble, Yet Emphatic

Humility is the most desired virtue for an employee provided you know how you have to put your points when needed. You may be carefree in dealing with your personal relations, but not at work.

6. Be a Great Communicator

Good communication is the biggest key to opening all locks to a successful career as well as life. Think before you speak or mail to anyone in the office.

7.Try to Add Humour and Cheerfulness to Your Personality

Sometimes, your liaisoning skills work greatly for you. Let the bitterness in one person’s relation with you not affect your interactions with other people. Be good to people, keep spreading the positive aura and try to deal with people from all departments with smile and compassion. Every person’s positive opinion of you helps fetch you stronger goodwill even without your knowledge.

Also, one who can crack jokes gathers the image of being more confident. Gradually, develop the habit of adding decent humour even during your conversations with superiors. Humour loving people are often liked by all.

8. Dare to Approach the Highest Authority

When you are working sincerely and delivering the desired output, there should be no reason you should hesitate to meet the higher officials. This habit should actually be developed from initial stage though, slowly. Of course, for trivial issues one would not approach. But when there are your personal concerns, communicating through the immediate boss may have dangerous results as in getting the facts manipulated and twisted.

Therefore, respect everyone but trust nobody but yourself and win the trust of the owners/employers.

9. Let People Be in Wrong Impression

Sometimes, it’s just irrelevant and unimportant to impress all around you or let all know about your achievements. You should have a clear understanding of what set of skills is more relevant to possess and what set of people are more important to impress.

According to them, you might be a lotus-eater. For your boss, you might be a person with greatest productivity.

You might be sluggish in terms of success in others’ opinions. How does it matter? Let your employer be updated about your great work. Let your salary be upgraded. If promotion comes, all will get to know.

10. Understand Politics, Be Calm

Being respectful and good to people is always essential but at the same time being alert is also desirable. All are not simple and straightforward. There is a rat race everywhere. You may not know what is brewing behind you. So, be diplomatic at certain points. Never be an open book at work. Professionalism must be maintained.

11. Be Presentable

Last but not the least, smartly dressed and well groomed person looks pleasing to eyes. When you are not careful about your presentation, you can not expect people admiring you. Your being well presentable also shows your respect and interest towards your job.

Finally, for your growth, have concern for the organisation’s growth.

Be committed! Worship your work!! Rewards will be high!!!

Wanna Be Admired At Work? I’m Here To Help You

Over the years, what I have learnt and observed is, in any organisation while one finds some highly motivated, flamboyant and goal-oriented employees, one can also find some emotionally distressed, often annoyed and eventually, lethargic faces, too.

The first category comprises all those who have been successful in grabbing opportunities and have carved a niche for themselves. You will always find them in high spirits. Their vivacious persona, outspoken nature and readiness to shoulder any given responsibility would keep an employer impressed and themselves the obvious choice for any upcoming signature projects. Be it taking a celebrity interview in case of a journalism industry, be it hosting an important conference or just heading the launch of a new product in market in case of large corporate companies, these people are a top choice.

But, Are These the Only Forces Navigating These People’s Ascent?

The answer is “Not always”. The answer is prompted by a few questions; –

  • “Does one get opportunities fairly?”,
  • “Is every individual gifted with the skill and acumen required to rise in work smoothly?”,
  • “What is the secret behind the unimaginably fast rising of her/him?”,
  • “Did they embark on new opportunities strategically and you always at an unpropitious time? “
  • “Does it relate to their trysts with bosses or their shrewd nature?”……….so on and so forth.

Of course, those who have rendered years of dedicated service will enjoy certain privileges over their subordinates. Now, these headmen, having gained a sort of sovereignty, have some rights to choose whom they would like to work with and who to be recommended to the boss who believes them blindly. This is where they can be successful in pulling wool over the boss’ eyes. This is where friendships, very good friendships, and grudges, resentments, unfathomable prejudices come in to play a big role. And, to your frustration, the ones with less calibre are upraised to the projects that demand higher competence. This gives rise to the second category of employees. Envy, frustration, depression, etc. follow. However hard they try, they perpetually fail to impress their boss with their work and eventually become irritable.

Determine Where You Stand in the Organisation and Where You Desire to Go

The employees in the first category are always cheerful and confident with least or no hesitation. Of course, their confidence is fueled by their rapport. They, walk in the office premises with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Office is their second home. But, the people belonging to the second category either behave standoffish or reflect disdainful reactions to the day to day decisions made by their bosses as their work has experienced being disparaged consistently. Such stratification may not exist in the smaller organisations if the employers are motivating and have ensured congenial, conducive work environment where all work in harmony. But, in larger organisations it’s not an unfamiliar creature.

Well, there exists a third category of workforce as well. They show comparatively phlegmatic disposition. These are the most satisfied people because they have never expected much from themselves. They have a clear idea of their potential and hence are of submissive nature and do not aspire to ever be lauded much or never daydream of being elevated up in the hierarchy. I would say, if you find yourself in either of the two latter categories, you must desire for the better.

You Can Be Very Confident and ……….. Soon Become an Apple of Everyone’s Eye, Too

Remember you had come here with huge dreams and ambitions. No one aspires for lacklustre performances in his or her job. Everyone wants a high rewarding career. Just because of a few seemingly frightening extraordinary talents, you can not let your inner strengths be overpowered.

Now, practically, instead of scuba diving in an unyielding ocean of flabbergasting questions, why not delve a little deeper into the sea of success mantras? Here, I am to help you with what to do and what not to do at work that may help you overhaul your image as an employee, altogether and be admired by one and all. No matter what position you are working at and what number of success chapters you have added to your portfolio so far and how confident or underconfident you are at your office; no matter whether at present you are like a drowning ship or have had to your destiny extremely embarrassing failures as to render you live shipwrecked, there is a way you can always rise to survive.

Take advantage of the uncertainty of the exact day; or maybe,the month when you can get back to your workplace while the world comes out of this pandemic fear. Get prepared to slowly and surreptitiously overhaul the way you worked and change the way you would be looked at. Get ready to impress. Get ready to rock!

How I can Help You Tread on the Right Path

Having been zealous on observing people, their dispositions, their fears and complexes, the temperaments of employers, having met with many motivational speakers, having keenly heard them speak and discuss their success stories, and being passionate on winning an ‘in my good books’ kinda image with sheer self-motivation and experimenting for years, having gained for myself the confidence of even cracking a joke too in a serious office meeting by my superior, the confidence of even being carefree, the confidence of being a happy go lucky kinda person even on encountering failures, the confidence of being successful in every endeavor irrespective of obstacles and constraints; being passionate about helping people who lack interest and courage, being passionate about helping people gain happiness in their careers and ……………experimenting, experimenting and experimenting, now I can certainly guide on how one can be successful at work with flying colours and be a significant figure at work.

By being successful or gaining a significant place should not be; however; confused with leadership. If you wish to be successful and feel the charm of being an impressive employee of your employer; the prerequisite is to define your goal and understand that leadership is not the only desirable virtue or position to be successful. ‘Being the most sought after talent’ is a modern definition of success.

I am soon coming with my very simple, proven strategies to help you taste the success and job satisfaction. Give me your desires, I will fuel them. I will propel them.